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Workplace Health

Work/Life Balance and employee well-being are mentioned all the time in missions statements and recruitment materials — but truly great companies back up that talk with action and go way beyond one-size-fits-all corporate wellness perks such as gym memberships or an on-site fitness room.

Workplace Wellness Programs from Allons-y Coaching support your employees in establishing the healthy habits and unique balanced lifestyle they need to succeed at work, at home, and in life. This employee benefit can lift morale, strengthen company loyalty, fill employees with a sense of purpose, and be another jewel in your recruitment packages.

Individual & Small Group Coaching • Holistic Wellness Seminars • Educational Workshops

Wellness coaching can be made available to many employees for the price of a single adjustable standing desk. Focused topics, such as reversing prediabetes, improving sleep, boosting the immune system, and healthy snacking can contribute to the overall physical and emotional health of your workforce. This initiative will help keep healthcare expenses in line while reducing costly employee absences.

The secret to making wellness coaching work is to de-stigmatize self-improvement. Often, employees with the most needs will be hesitant to participate for fear of it reflecting poorly in the eyes of management and peers. I encourage employers to tell employees that their overall health and well-being is important, therefore participation in wellness programs is encouraged, but also confidential when needed. By connecting employees (often across different departments) who share life experiences, needs, or challenges, you strengthen internal communities as those participants rally to help each other succeed.

Stress Management • Healthy Body • Healthy Sleep • Productivity

Once we identify the needs your employees have, I will create a custom-tailored plan — from one-time, quarterly, or annual events to weekly or monthly workshops and seminars. Since I create the programs and deliver them myself, I can be very agile all along the development process and keep the content aligned to goals and within available budgets. I can work with small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and everyone between.

Health Coaching sessions work best 1:1 or with 8 to 15 people; broader topics can be covered in larger seminars open to all employees or large groups. Some subjects, such as healthy snacking or fitness and exercise, carry little stigma. Others such as weight loss and prediabetes require a more discreet setting. Therefore, some programs can be open to all while others are confidential in nature. Sessions can be held via telephone or video chat, or in a secure conference room, or a nearby location. Some companies also prefer to host separate sessions for junior staff and senior management. One-on-one wellness coaching is available.

Do You Really

Show your employees how much you care for them as people — and not just line items on an insurance ledger.

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