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Oftentimes, we want to become healthier, lose weight or get fit, but we don’t really know where to start! We have a general idea of what we might be doing "wrong", but we are not quite sure of the most efficient ways to improve. I know, I’ve been there too! With my Holistic Wellness Assessment, I can spare you all the trial and error I had to go through. The assessment comes with recommendations for action that will allow you to optimize your efforts for the best results.

Don’t start a weight loss or prediabetes reversal program without knowing what will work and not work for you and for your body. If you are serious about getting healthier and leaner for the long term, make sure you know exactly what you need before you start your journey toward a healthier life.

It's not just about nutrition and exercise, even though most wellness professionals will have you focus all your energy on those two aspects of your life. There is so much more involved! That's why it's important to go through a very thorough assessment that takes your whole person into consideration.

A Wellness Assessment is a great fit for you if:

  • You are not sure you want to commit to long-term wellness, yet. You want to get an idea of what it means for you to establish a healthier lifestyle. The Wellness Assessment is a great way to estimate what you need to do and help you get started.
  • You have been making lots of changes already but nothing seems to bring results. Are you making the wrong choices? Are you not working on the issues that really matter? A holistic assessment of your lifestyle will help you find out and help you reset.
  • You have already established a healthy lifestyle and want to do some fine tuning. You want to learn about additional changes that might be beneficial but you don't need the support, guidance, or accountability provided by a longer coaching program.

The Wellness Assessment combo includes 2 private evaluation sessions (approximately 1 hour each) over the phone or in-person, 1 thorough evaluation of your eating habits, activity level, and overall health. After that, you will receive 1 sample meal plan and we will have 1 follow-up visit for troubleshooting.

Wellness Assessment - The Process

When you purchase a HOLISTIC WELLNESS ASSESSMENT, you get a thorough assessment of your current health and lifestyle from which you can build a solid action plan with down-to-earth recommendations on how to reach your wellness goals. 

Over the course of 1 month, this plan includes 3 private sessions, a thorough evaluation of your eating habits, activity level, sleeping patterns, stress management techniques, and overall health, and 1 sample meal plan to help you jump start your new lifestyle. 

The first session is a comprehensive assessment of your current health & lifestyle. During the second session, we work on goal setting and establishing an action plan, so that you can reach your wellness goals on your own. You also receive a customized meal plan with recipe book, shopping list, and preparation guide and finally, the opportunity to ask me all the questions you might have during a follow-up session. This way, you have all the tools to help you implement your action plan for sustainable results on your own.

Your Investment

We will work together for 1 month. With this package, the total cost for 3 private consultations, 1 thorough analysis, and 1 meal plan is only $367! Yes, I know, it's a steal!

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None of my services or recommendations are intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness or disease. The information I provide is not intended to take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietitian or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices. I cannot guarantee the outcome of my services or recommendations, and my comments about the outcome are expressions of my personal opinion only. I can guarantee you this, however: I will do my best to coach you, and I’ll do everything I can to help!

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