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Weight Loss The French Way

For many of us, losing weight is often required to get to a healthier body, whether we are worried about PreDiabetes or not. Before we talk about my proven approach to weight loss, let’s talk about you. You found this page and are reading it for a reason; I assume you want to make a change. If you want immediate, short-term results from a diet you can “power through” until you hit your goal, this program isn’t for you. If you want lasting results and a pleasurable life while reaching your goal and well beyond, then you’re in the right place.

When I say, “lasting results”, I’m not talking a few months or a few years. I mean the rest of your life.

You Only Have One Life. Why Suffer Through It?

According to recent research, the obesity rate in France is half that of the United States. But, if you’ve ever been to France or have eaten French food, you know we love our baguettes, rich cheeses, and chocolate pastries. The secret to healthy eating, losing weight, and keeping it off isn’t in the French food itself. It’s in the way the French view food, and also in all the other elements of the French lifestyle that naturally lead to a healthy life.

It's not a diet • It's not a meal plan • It's a lifestyle!

Every client and every path will be different—but among the things we’ll explore during our time together:

  1. Building awareness around what nourishes your body and your mind;
  2. Planning your meals and preparing healthy foods that you take time to enjoy;
  3. Working more whole foods into your diet and optimizing your choices for health AND pleasure;
  4. Optimizing your sleep for fat burning and appetite regulation;
  5. Building physical activity into your daily life that will help you manage your blood sugar;
  6. Managing your stress in a way that speeds up your metabolism.

The most common push-back I get up front is -- “this all sounds nice, but I have no time for this” -- and that’s why I deliver these particular solutions as a coach and not as an author. Most cookbooks are gorgeous and look fantastic on your coffee table or bookshelf, but unless you invest quite some time and actually use them to cook, they’re just collecting dust. Same goes with self-help books—we love to BUY them, sometimes read them, but rarely take action on them.

I provide a fully personalized solution that fits perfectly into your busy schedule. As your guide, coach, accountability partner — and most importantly, friend — I walk you step-by-step through the whole process. My clients love talking to me in person, by phone, and email. Maybe it’s my accent. Maybe it’s my zest for life. Maybe it’s because I truly listen and never judge. Every minute we spend together, no matter how near or far apart we are, will be an experience worth savoring and will get you moving along your health journey. 

Lose weight • Get your life back • Find YOUR solution below

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