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Stress Management

Stress and sleep have a huge impact on weight and blood sugar levels. Too often though, chronic stress and sleep deprivation are not even mentioned in wellness programs. There are some daily stresses we all share—and some that are unique to you. We can’t always prevent these events from happening, but we can control how we handle them. With the proper mindset and some holistic solutions, we can not only keep stress from having a negative impact on our health, but we can also optimize our sleep for better results and a faster metabolism.

Stress Reduction • Quality Sleep • Time Management • Anxiety Relief  

While I’m not a psychologist, as your coach, I can help you identify the things that stress you out the most, and figure out suitable ways to deal with each situation. I view stressors like baseballs popping out of a machine in a batting cage. The batter knows what types of pitches could be coming, just not exactly when and in what order. But with enough practice and technique, he or she can hit each ball out of the park almost every time—this is a mindset solution instead of a medical one (I try to avoid pills, in any form, whenever possible).

I personally struggled with many sources of stress over the years, including unhealthy body image, poor eating habits, self-confidence, over-scheduling, and trying to instill calm, silence, and order in a world that is often quite the opposite. For years, I tried and failed and tried again to address these issues because I could see how they were impacting my health. I steadily honed my skills and started sharing my life's lessons with friends, family, and colleagues. This experience, reinforced by suitable training programs, laid the foundation for my coaching work.

One of the secrets to stress reduction is to not react in the moment. When you have a stress management plan in place, you can deal with your stressors as soon as they appear on your radar and implement a desired solution before your emotions take over.

Emotional Eating • High Blood sugar • Unexplained weight gain

Stress Management will benefit all aspects of your life. Your metabolism will improve, so that you can burn off what you eat instead of packing on the pounds. By being more emotionally balanced, you won’t turn to snacks or alcohol as a coping mechanism, especially at night when fatigue keeps you from making healthy choices. Your overall health will improve as your immune system grows stronger, your blood pressure goes down, as does your blood sugar. And your risks of anxiety and depression decrease. Better sleep will be an important area of focus and another huge benefit, which will lead to higher intellectual, creative, and athletic performance. Collectively, you will now have more positive energy to invest in your relationships, family, career, and personal pursuits -- all of which will result in a happier, more fulfilling, and longer life.

Don't Let Stress
Ru(i)n Your Life!

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Stress Management Plans tailored to your busy schedule

To make sure that my approach is a good fit for you at this time of your life, 20-minute phone call is required before you can enroll in any of my coaching programs.

Kick-Off Session

Clarity & First Actions Steps - FREE

If you don't know where to start and feel that stress comes from everywhere, give me a call. Let's chat and find out what would be the best path forward for you. You can also ask me all the questions you want and we will decide whether or not working together makes sense. 

What's included

  • One 30-minute phone consultation.

Investment - FREE

If you want to control your stress, manage your time, and establish a lifestyle that will give you more energy, more self-esteem, a better immune system, a faster metabolism, and a better health for the rest of your life, it is time to invest in yourself. The longer you wait, the harder it will get and the more your put your health at risk.

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Stress & Sleep Master

12-Week Stress Reduction Plan

Learn skills to effectively and naturally reduce and manage your stress. This 3-month program will allow you to find your balance again, improve your sleep, boost your metabolism and immune system, control your blood sugar and improve the overall quality of your life. 

What's incl​uded

  • 10 one-on-one coaching sessions (over the phone or in-person);
  • Custom-built lessons and tools delivered directly to your inbox: videos, cheat sheets, checklists, etc;
  • Email support and guidance between sessions;
  • Regular accountability check-ins;
  • One carry-over session;
  • Prorated refund within the first 2 weeks if you are not happy.

Investment - $1250

Learn more during a 20-minute Introductory Call.

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Stress Less Unlimited

16-Week UNLIMITED Coaching + Support

Unlimited guidance, support, and tools for 3 full months, to help you identify your stressors and put together a custom plan to reduce and manage your stress. Learn techniques that work for you and your unique situation, and go back to living the balanced and healthy life your deserve.

What's included

  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching sessions (over the phone);
  • Unlimited Custom-built lessons and tools delivered directly to your inbox: videos, cheat sheets, checklists, etc;
  • Unlimited email support and guidance between sessions;
  • Regular accountability check-ins;
  • Prorated refund within the first 2 weeks if you're not happy.

Investment - $3250

Learn more during a 20-minute Introductory Call.


Stella demonstrates a remarkable capacity for empathy. She is very intuitive to the needs of people and always has a positive outlook on things. She was really key in helping me reach a few professional and personal milestones.

Bénédicte C. ~ Philadelphia, PA

Stella is my kind of lady. Our conversations leave me feeling emboldened and grounded… ready for all the world has to throw my way. Working with Stella has given me tools that help me tackle obstacles in a new productive way, rooted in confidence. She is a great coach and I would wholeheartedly recommend Allons-y Coaching for anyone else who needs help in realizing how magnificent they really are!

Tricia D. ~ Seattle, WA

It’s not that hard, you just have to take the time… And that’s one of the things I loved the most with Stella, she is very patient and never tried to push me where I didn’t want to go. She would offer tools and suggestions, and then let me chose the ones I wanted to try out. I am so thankful for the weight I have lost, but I think what makes me even happier is the new way I look at myself and the way I live my life now and how it has changed my relationships with others. This is a blessing!!!

Aida L. ~ Seattle, WA

Stella is warm and her positive energy radiates. She is able to unlock your full potential so that you can be at your best. She has a gentle kindness in doing so. Reaching the top with her seems like a walk in the park while you are actually climbing mountains.

Anne W. ~ Britanny, France

What makes Stella stand out to me is her listening to the deeper issues covered under apparently superficial problems. She is not afraid to dive deeper, and help you to explore further into what is holding you back. And, by doing so, we may divert entirely from the initial goal set for the session, but that is great, because I always end up with an outcome much bigger and better than I had initially set up for myself.

Marcia Q. ~ Haddonfield, NJ


None of my services are intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness or disease. The information provided in this service or any other program is not intended to take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietitian or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices.