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Stella Loichot, Certified Health Coach

Long before I became an ACE Certified Health Coach, Specializing in PreDiabetes Reversal and Weight Management, I found myself in the very place many of my new clients find themselves today. I was overweight, I had tried many diets, and failed at them all. I was discouraged and embarrassed to be controlled by food. As a member of a skinny French family, living in a country that doesn’t have much acceptance for curves, I didn’t like being me.

Hoping for a fresh start, I left everybody and everything behind and moved to Germany. But it only got worse.

From starving myself to binge eating, shame and distress grew bigger.

The problem was right here, inside of me. I did not like myself. I did not like my life. I did not like my body. And because I jumped from diet to diet, I didn’t even like my food anymore! Until I tried something new. I stopped depriving myself, abusing my body, and I focused instead on creating a balance that would promote health and happiness at the same time. By adding more of the things I loved into my days and nights, I could keep eating the things I loved, within reason and without guilt. 

It didn't happen overnight! The weight loss was slow because I have a VERY sweet tooth, a low tolerance for restrictions, and a pretty active social life (which means lots of occasions for wine, desserts, and chocolate truffles). It took me several years to come up with a structure that was solid and effective, but also flexible enough to adjust to life events and to getting older. I  came up with a system that got me to my happy weight. Since I reached it, all I’ve gained back is self-confidence, energy, and inner peace.

The lost pounds haven't returned.

When my husband and I resettled in Seattle, I fell in love with the natural wonder of the Pacific Northwest and the new people I called neighbors and friends. Thanks to my walkable neighborhood, to the steep hills of Seattle, and to the irresistible Cascade Mountains, my daily life became much more active than before, which quickly lead to a stronger body and better stamina. Soon I was able to discover the intense joy of triathlon and open water swimming. I am not an athlete, but I love the community feeling and adrenaline that come with races!

I have to admit, there was a learning curve. A few years ago, I realized that nutrition and physical activity are just part of what it takes to live a healthy life. Especially after you hit your 40’s and have to juggle a family with a busy and stressful career! Being diagnosed with a rare genetic hypoglycemic syndrome, I had to readjust my approach and focus really hard on blood sugar control. Food was part of the plan, as was physical activity. But that wasn't enough! This is one of the reasons why so many wellness programs fail in the long run. Because they are designed around workouts and nutrition, but skip other factors that play a huge role in someone’s health and metabolism. 

Health is not just about eating well and exercising

I have now lived in the US with my husband and three daughters since 2000. I took what I loved best about health and nutrition from my homeland and from the extensive training I went through, and applied it to the fast-paced American lifestyle. 

Sure, grocery stores and restaurant culture are much different in the United States, as is the prevalence of processed and fast food. Sure, the pace of life is much faster and sleep is undervalued. But with guidance and the right approach, it is not hard to make healthy choices, once you know what your options are and what really matters. This is where I can help you. I will share my process with you and you can take it wherever you want!

After my sessions, things always seem so much clearer

Stella is an absolutely amazing coach! From my first session, she made me feel so comfortable and safe. Stella is one of the most empathetic and compassionate people I have ever met. After my sessions, things always seem so much clearer to me. I have learned so much about myself since working with Stella. I cannot wait to see what my future entails! Thank you for your tremendous guidance Stella!

Melinda G. ~ San Diego, CA

Science as well as Heart

Trying to approach lifestyle change can be daunting. Many of us struggle with habits that seem to have a life of their own, unaffected by any efforts we make. To find a coach who brings science as well as heart to the process is a gift. Stella Loichot is one such coach and I highly recommend her class! Over the course of three months, Stella helped a diverse group shift from negative self-assessments to a more compassionate understanding of why our habits developed in the first place. Along with tracking and noticing what was true, she brought to our awareness current research, helping us relax about our goals—shifting from a need for immediate results to more long-term, sustainable plans. As Stella was teaching us how we could befriend our bodies, the entire group began to open like a flower that has found a refreshing stream nearby. Such a gift—to find community and kindness as we work to bring healthy patterns to our lives.

Kristen K. ~ Seattle, WA

Unmatched Professionalism

Working will Stella has been a pleasure and anyone that gets the opportunity will see her unmatched professionalism.

Michael Browder ~ Seattle, WA , Personal Trainer and Owner, Project 968

... all the extra things she does

Stella is very dedicated to our students and their learning. She wants them to have a good experience and is very organized and enthusiastic. Stella makes good use of the time, ensuring that her students enjoy not just the content area, but also being in class. We are really happy to have Stella teach with us and we appreciate how seriously she takes her teaching and all the extra things she does.

Sally Romero, South Seattle College, Continuing Ed. Program


  • Diabetes Training Program I - American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Sports Nutrition and Performance - Washington State University
  • Certified Health Coach - American Council on Exercise (ACE) - Licence #722085
  • Weight Management Specialist - ACE
  • Associate Certified Coach (Life Coach) - International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Coach for Holistic Life, Career, and Executive Coaching - Goal Imagery® Institute, International School of Coaching Mastery™

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