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Kitchen Makeover Checklist

Can your kitchen help you Reverse PreDiabetes? YES!!! Use this list of 25 Proven Steps for a quick and easy Kitchen Makeover. Depending on how much you scored on the HEALTHY KITCHEN QUIZ, you might have to tweak a lot of very little. 

Join my tribe and download your KITCHEN MAKEOVER CHECKLIST below. You will discover 25 scientifically-backed TIPS to help you turn your kitchen into an ally in your PreDiabetes Reversal efforts

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You can go through the whole list and apply every single tip. That's how you will get the fastest results. Yet, whatever you do is always better than doing nothing! So, even if you only implement 2 or 3 of the 25 suggestions, it's already a great start! Every single action counts!

Also, have you read my article "Optimize your kitchen for weight loss"? If reversing PreDiabetes involves that you lose some weight, I think you will like this article! Plus, you will understand the why and how of every tip from the checklist.

And as always, if you have questions or concerns, I am right here, contact me!


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