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I ate crap and skipped my workout: what do I do now?

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We have been working hard on keeping our good resolutions to live a healthier life. Now, for some of us, it has happened often already, and for others, it will happen soon: WE SLIP. We are not robots, our plans are not perfectly designed, and as a result, we trip, we lapse, we screw up. 

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One bad decision is nothing to be concerned about!

Yet, what we need to focus on, is how we react to our slip-ups. For many of us, even the slightest deviation from our line of conduct is actually a huge deal, because this is the open door to giving up altogether. And that is the beginning of the end of your healthy life.

Let me take you on a short trip

Imagine you are driving home from work. It’s getting dark, you had a tough day, you are distracted, and before you know it, you run a red light. Fortunately, nothing happens. Just a few angry drivers honking and yelling at you. Oops, that’s embarrassing. Now, what do you do? Do you sigh in frustration and give up on paying attention to red lights for the rest of the week? And while you are at it, do you also quit using your signals and start speeding in residential streets? Of course not! You slow down, and you make sure to pay extra attention until you get home safely and without hurting anyone.

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Healthy does not mean perfect

So let me ask you. Why, when we forget to drink our water, eat our veggies, when we skip a workout, or when we devour a bag of chips, why on earth, do we take this as the opportunity to just quit doing the right thing for a day, or for a week, or until the next year? When we read the driving example, we see how little sense that makes, right? Not being perfect, or not doing things perfectly, is NOT a good enough reason to stop trying to improve.

I won’t go into the why and how of human behavior here, but please, next time you trip-up on one of your goals, next time you are far from perfect, think about yourself as a driver and remember that the mistakes we make don’t define the course of our actions. Instead of quitting, just be extra careful for the following hours, to make sure you don’t lose your footing again that day.

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Use slip-ups to adjust your goals

The only time you should start paying more attention to your “faux pas” is when you make the same mistake, again and again. It might be because your wellness program is not right for you, your personality, your needs, or your schedule. If your plan is to workout 3 times a week and every single week, you skip 2 workouts, then maybe you should reconsider your goals. But if your slip-ups are occasional, if you know your target is right for you, don’t view your deviations as an open door to quitting.

Now go with this in mind… and please, drive safely! 😉


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