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Whether I work with individuals or with organizations and groups, I only partner with people who are interested in lifelong health and well-being. My clients understand that temporary prediabetes reversal, fast unhealthy weight loss, and any other wellness "quick fix"  are not worth our time, energy, and money. 

I work with clients from all over the world via telephone or over the internet. I can also work in-person in the Seattle area. My client-centered approach is always based on the same principles: total acceptance, 100% confidentiality, and a profound respect for the people I have the privilege to work with. And because I have so much respect for my clients and their time, we only work on what really matters. No fluff.

Individual Adults

You are worried that you might have prediabetes or you have just been diagnosed as prediabetic. You have been trying to live a healthy life and control your weight for many years but here you are, in trouble or close to being in trouble. You have come to the conclusion that it might be almost impossible for you to live a healthy life because:

  • You are too busy;
  • You love food too much;
  • You are too tired;
  • Being healthy is too complicated and boring.

You feel torn. On one end, you want to enjoy your life to the fullest and don't want to be on a diet or suffer at the gym - life is too short, right? Yet, on the other end, you realize that you can't make the most of life's good moments anymore, because you don't have the energy, you hurt, you are too heavy, you lack the stamina. And on top of it all, your blood glucose is to the roof and you are worried you might develop diabetes and all the life-threatening complications that come with it.

If only you could find a way to thrive and have fun while living a healthy life!

Is this

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Organizations & Groups

Wellness Centers • Gyms • Studios

Do you provide strength training, yoga or fitness classes, physical therapy, acupuncture services, or massage? Did you know that over 30% of you clients have prediabetes, even though only 1 out 10 knows it? They would most likely appreciate extra guidance on how to reverse their condition naturally, through lifestyle changes and weight loss. I will partner with you to offer classes, workshops, and group coaching to provide your clients the support they need to be well and stay that way. 

Companies • Non-Profits

If you truly care about your employees, whether they are 10 or 10,000 in your organization, I will love to work with you. I partner with large companies who already have a wellness program in place but want to offer more custom-tailored benefits. I also work with small businesses and non-profits who don't have wellness benefits yet and want to take their first step. About 90% of people who have prediabetes don't know it. Creating awareness and providing help for reversal is critical for your company's long-term health.

Property Managers

Is offering the best amenities to your renters top priority for you? One of the top community amenities that influence rent prices is "wellness". Offering a fitness center or a pool is an amazing step toward fulfilling that need, but  you can really set yourself apart at a very low cost by providing educational workshops and small-group health coaching. 

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