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Should I eat when I am hungry?

No! Don’t trust your stomach! Yes, you read that right: don’t trust your appetite, it’s not reliable!

We all know that the feelings of “hunger” we have are not always due to our body needing food. Sometimes, we feel hungry because we are bored, stressed, emotional, happy, pissed, or lost… You name it! Sometimes we could devour the entire planet just because it is that time of the month (hey ladies, I am talking to you here!). Not to mention all the occasions when we feel hungry just because there is something to be “hungry for”. You know, you had lunch an hour ago, you are walking down the mall, and all of a sudden, this delicious cinnamon roll smells attacks you; you start feeling your stomach growling, but is that really hunger?

Confused woman: not knowing if she should eat or not

It is hard to know whether we are hungry or just feeling like eating something tasty.

And that’s the tricky part. It is very hard to differentiate between being really hungry and just “wanting to eat”. So my advice to you for the holidays is: don’t even try to tell those two apart. You will end up exhausted because, during the holidays, we get so many more opportunities to wonder “Am I really hungry?”.

Rely on your tested eating habits

The point here is to keep up the wellness efforts that we have all been making for a while already. We are not trying to set up new goals, bump up our ambitions, or even start working on implementing a new lifestyle. We are talking about maintaining our current efforts and not falling off the wagon during the holidays.

If you want to STAY healthy and happy during the holiday season and avoid some stress and extra pounds, don’t let your stomach rule the game. Instead, rely on the eating routines that you depend on the rest of the year. When you think about the busy days to come, look at where your meals usually fit into your schedule and make sure you organize your day with those meal times in mind. Plan to bring healthy snacks with you, or even full meals such as a thermos of soup, a good homemade sandwich, whatever makes you happy and satisfied.

Don’t try to skip meals thinking that it’s going to save you some calories for later. This strategy always ends up backfiring. Just stick to what you have been doing so far when it comes to your meals. If you are used to having 2 or 3 meals a day, keep doing just that. If you are used to having 2 snacks per day, keep your 2 snacks. Maybe they will be more festive and rich: a cupcake instead of an apple, or a Christmas feast instead of a Caesar salad. Yet by sticking to your routines, you will greatly limit the amount of unwanted food you ingest. Plus, you will reduce all the debating, the “should I/shouldn’t I” that not only is draining emotionally, but also keeps you from fully enjoying the food you are eating.

Are you an intuitive eater?

Oh, wait, someone tells me “I trust my stomach all year long, that’s my routine, that’s what keeps me healthy”. Maybe you are super good at it. Then you probably don’t even have an issue with indulgences and cravings over the holidays. Lucky you! But maybe you have been working hard on intuitive eating and are worried that you won’t keep it up over the holidays. If that’s the case, take a few days before the holidays to record your food intake and look at the pattern that comes from this. It will give you a good idea of when you are really hungry. Once the holiday season kicks in and temptations are coming at you like bullets, you will have something to refer to when differentiating between real hunger and temptation.

Prepare now for healthy holidays!

Sit back for a minute, and try to get a good picture of what your eating routines are right now. Write it down on a piece of paper and put it in your purse. Keep those routines in mind. And if you think you are hungry 15 times a day visiting booths at the Christmas Market, remember: most of us cannot trust our appetite, especially at a time of high stress and temptations like the holiday season.

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Start your day healthy

Staying healthy over the holidays, keeping up good eating habits, not falling off the wagon when it comes to exercise… To be able to stay on track, we have to BELIEVE we can do it. Let’s be honest, if we are not even sure it’s possible, what are the odds we will try, right?

Do you know what’s the best way to remind ourselves every single day that YES, we can stay healthy, and YES, we are that healthy person? It is to take one small action every single morning and use it as a proof. Yes! Healthy morning routines are the key to a healthy day and healthy holidays.

Cat stretching outdoor as example of a healthy morning routine

Stretching, walking, drinking water… Morning routines put you in a healthy mindset. Choose yours!

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Morning routines make the difference!

Start your day doing something (anything!) that will put you in the shoes of a healthy person for the rest of your day.

It can be as simple as drinking a large glass of water as soon as you set foot on the ground. It might be hard at first, but you will soon get to appreciate the feeling of awakening and purity that comes from drinking water first thing in the morning. And you will be less likely to eat unhealthy, greasy, or sweet processed food for breakfast, because you will want to prolong the beautiful feeling of clean insides.

You can take a 20-minute walk (before breakfast if possible!), or stretch for 15 minutes, or do a solo workout in your bedroom for 10 minutes, or go up and down your condo stairs for 5 minutes. All those actions won’t take much time and will put you in the mindset of a healthy person. If not for the rest of the day, at least for the next hour or so, which will help you make more healthy decisions, one thing leading to another. Yes, there is a snowball effect to this!

If time is a real struggle for you, skip the extra physical activity, but make sure your breakfast is as healthy as can be. Not only will it give you energy for hours, but it will also remind you very early on that you ARE a healthy person, and can be the entire day.

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Keep your morning routine simple

Your “healthy morning action” should be easy and enjoyable enough that you don’t dread it. You might not look forward to it (at least not at first!), but it should not require much willpower. Because you want to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY. So make it short, easy, and sustainable.

Yet, not too easy!

It should still be some kind of effort though! Not a tough battle like showing up at boot camp class or spending an hour cooking a 5-star vegan breakfast. But you want to make sure that the achievement feels just good enough that you don’t want to ruin it within the next hour. That’s the secret to success! If you have to push yourself a bit to do some yoga for 15 minutes, will you want to gobble up 4 waffles covered in syrup right after? Most likely not. Otherwise, you would have done yoga pretty much for nothing.

What’s your healthy morning plan?

You have to find the right activity and the right level of difficulty. Why not start today and experiment with different things? I suggest that you think about what you are going to do tomorrow morning! Write it down and start experimenting. Try it until the end of the week and see how it works. Check off on your calendar every day you successfully complete your activity. If you are not happy with an action or can’t do it every day, find something else. Keep experimenting until you find the short activity that will make you FEEL healthy.

This little tweak in your day will make a big difference in your holidays, and it won’t stop there, believe me!

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That’s it!

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How to handle Halloween candy

How we eat during the first holiday of the season will often determine how we handle Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. That’s why it is so important to start this season off right and set a good example for ourselves. If we don’t stop the Halloween candy madness this year, we know it will just slide downhill as the season goes on.

10 Tips to Stay in Control this Halloween

Read 10 simple tips below and make this Halloween a different one. A fun one, a sweet one, and yet, a memorable one: this year, YOU will be in control, not the candy.

Halloween trick or treater with her candy

1/ Procrastinate

Halloween is on October 31st, not as soon as the bulk bags of Kit Kats and Milky Ways start popping up in the aisles. Wait until the very last minute to buy those bags of candy. Stop by the store after school, or after work on Halloween night. Chances are, you will get a discount, save money, and will-power! And since you didn’t buy your candy two weeks ago, you and your family didn’t get a chance to get into the bag and eat it all before the special night. So you won’t have to spend extra money to go buy more.

Be careful not to fall for the “buy 4 get the 5th bag free” trap though, or to buy your candy for next year because “it is such a great deal”. We all know where that would take you: most likely not to where you want to go!

2/ Only Buy What You Need

You’re not a rookie. You had trick-or-treaters for a while now. No, there won’t be 280 kids visiting your house, so no, you don’t need 10 lbs of candy. If you used 3 bags of candy last year, buy 3 bags this year too. Now I know, you might be tempted to buy extra, “just in case”. No one wants to be the house that turns off the lights at 7:30 pm, I get it! So distribute the candy smartly throughout the night and that won’t happen. Kids want candy, yes, but they don’t need an armful of them from every household!
Deep inside, we are all hoping for leftover candy after Halloween. But save ‘future you’ some trouble, and don’t buy more than you will hand out. Candy isn’t helping your wellness goals, and there’s no way around that.

3/ One Bag at a Time

When trick-or-treaters start knocking at your door, empty one bag of candy into your bowl. Not two, not three. One is enough. When it’s gone, you can open the next one. If you want to offer a nice variety, then buy a variety bag in the first place! If you open all the bags at once and you have leftovers, we all know what will end up happening. But if leftovers are in an unopened bag, you can return it and get your money back and you won’t be tempted to eat it! You can also donate extra candy to organizations such as Soldiers Angels for our troops. On a side note, I think it might be better not to donate Halloween candy to food banks and shelters. I might be wrong though. People who are struggling to get around food are also trying to stay healthy. Yet, they are receiving sugar goods more often than not, so it might be better to donate canned vegetables, beans, and other healthy foods to them.

4/ Buy Candy you Don’t Like

It’s not mean, it’s not selfish, and it’s not because you don’t like a type of candy that others dislike it as well. There is no need for you to buy all of your favorite sweets and spend the entire night trying to resist eating them. Pick the treat that doesn’t tempt you and go with that! Kids generally love everything with sugar, and they won’t be too picky when it comes to Halloween candy. This is something to keep in mind when trying to manage your weight. The idea is not to “be good and strong,” it is to make sure your environment is not tempting you in the first place. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Make your life easier for yourself!

5/ Buys toys instead of Candy

Do you love all sweets, no matter what? You can’t resist anything with sugar? That’s okay too! In that case, buy toys for the kids instead. They will be thrilled! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get creative with Halloween. You can buy stickers, key chains, glow sticks, silly putty, bouncy balls… Ask your children to help you come up with ideas! As long as you don’t give out carrot sticks and raisins, anything that your kids approve of will work, and make your night much easier.

6/ Strike a Deal

OK, so you have been handing out candy all night and are quite satisfied with yourself. Now your kids are coming home with their bags full of your favorite sweets. Tough!!! You want to indulge? Of course? There are ways to make it controlled so that you don’t ruin your healthy streak.

In my house, I have a deal with my little one: she gives me all of her Kit-Kats (she is very generous!). I eat as many as I want on the night of Halloween, and after that, that’s it! So I usually eat them all at once (yep, that’s me!), feel a little nauseous but very content, and then go right back to my normal habits. That’s what works for me. Try to find a deal that works for you! Don’t try to implement a “no candy policy”, but don’t let yourself binge every day for two weeks either. Make a plan and stick to it. Find something that is an improvement compared to usual, so that you feel proud and good about yourself for the rest of the season. But make sure it’s also satisfying, because you want to look forward to Halloween, not dread it.

7/ Chew Gum

Fish chewing gum and blowing a bubbleIf your kids spend hours and hours sorting their candy, trading, negotiating, organizing, and the whole process is excruciating for you, chew some gum. It’s hard to eat anything while chewing gum, and you can try lots of sweet candy-like flavors that are sugar-free!

8/ Throw Away as Much Candy as You Can

The easiest way to resist temptation is to eliminate temptation. So right after Halloween, get rid of as much candy as you can. I will let you negotiate with your own children and see what kind of deal you can strike.
With the candy that’s left, have the kids hide them, or if the kids are also struggling with self-control, have a spouse hide them. Be upfront with what you are dealing with. Trying to fight your demons on your own is the best way to lose the battle. Putting pressure on yourself by going public and getting help from your loved ones is an amazing way to stick to your goals.

9/ Let your kid be the boss

You rule the house most of the time, right? So for once, let the kids be the boss of you! Once your kids know what you are trying to do (stay away from the candy) they will be more than happy to keep you in check. For once, they will be the ones saying “NO!” and they might really enjoy that shift of power. Plus, sometimes, they will see how hard it is to be the bad cop. They will realize that when they say no to you, you get pissed off, you try to negotiate, you insist… and they really wish they could give you candy to please you. It might be a great learning opportunity for them, depending on their age.

What is YOUR plan for Halloween?

You have some tips, now what are you going to do with them? If you want this year to be a different one, you have to make a plan. Here is how you do it.

First, ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. Look back and think about what WILL happen if you let things go as usual. Then, think about what you would like to see happen ideally. You now have the worst case scenario and the best case scenario. Find a compromise somewhere in the middle and settle for that. Then, make a plan using the tips above as well as your own strategies, and talk to your family to make sure they help you stick to that middle-ground solution.

If you feel that you won’t be able to make it, send me an email or book a FREE 20-minute phone call and let’s brainstorm! Sometimes, it does not take much to get started on the right path.

The ultimate trick: #10

No matter what, there is one thing you should never forget. Whatever you love, don’t feel guilty for it! Whether you wish you could binge on chocolate or eat a bag of candy corn every day, whatever you wish is perfectly fine. It doesn’t mean you can indulge overtly, because it would keep you from reaching your wellness goals, but please, stop feeling bad for what you crave. There is no shame in loving unhealthy food, and for wanting a lot of it!!!


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3 steps to healthy holidays

So you’ve made your decision! You won’t fall off the wagon over the holidays, right? This blog series should help you! We have already reviewed 4 simple strategies to stay healthy: dealing with unreliable stomachs, reducing unhealthy behaviors, targeting drinks, and finding methods to be selective and mindful during this busy season.

Happy and relaxed bicyclist using no handsNow there is one last thing we need to do if we don’t want a big mess to clean up in January: PREPARE. Prepare so we don’t eat like a horse and drink like a fish for 3 weeks straight. Prepare to get some exercise in our busy holiday schedule. Prepare to make sure we sleep and relax when we need to.

Now don’t fret! Preparing doesn’t mean that we have to start running 10 miles a day or go on a cleanse – although, you can do that if you want to! What I have in mind won’t be that hard! Let me tell you how you can spend a few minutes on this today using 3 easy steps to prepare, and then freewheel into the festivities.

Why prepare?

If we don’t plan for some of the holiday temptations, we will have to react on the spot when they arise. The problem with “reacting” is that it involves emotions and will-power. Emotions are quite unpredictable. Will-power is a limited resource. We all have will-power, and if you are reading those lines, my guess is that you actually do have a huge lot of it. But relying on will-power all the time is draining, and the strongest of us end up giving in.

That’s why preparation is key. When we prepare, we give ourselves a chance to control situations and respond to them rather than react impulsively and be ruled by them.

I won’t go into a very detailed preparation process in this article. We will just see how and why planning works. If you want to learn simple and effective techniques to prepare for your holiday struggles, I have put together a video workshop where I walk you through the process. In the video, we also go through many examples and strategies that my clients or myself have used successfully in the past.

1. Identify – 2. Plan – 3. Embrace

Good preparation doesn’t take forever. First, you identify the health struggles you might run into. Just pausing and visualizing specific challenges is about half of the work done. Let me give you an example. During the holidays, I won’t walk much because I won’t take the kids to school, swim practice, etc. Walking is my main exercise. If I cut it in half, that’s an issue.

Once you identify a challenge, think about a reasonable and pleasant way to handle it. Two very important words here: reasonable and pleasant. If we set the bar too high, we will fail, feel like crap, and give up altogether. If we forget to focus on pleasure, we will hate our holidays, feel discouraged, and give up again. So if I go back to my walking challenge, I could say I’ll replace walking with running or attending a boot camp class. But heh… I know I won’t enjoy that very much. So instead, I’ll plan on brisk walking in the neighborhood every time I call my family (during the holidays, there is a lot of calling going on!). It’s simple enough, it doesn’t add to my busy schedule, and I enjoy walking, so I know it won’t be a burden.

Whatever decision you make, be proud that you have a plan in the first place. Don’t feel guilty that it might not be perfect or that you are cutting yourself some slack. Remember that if you don’t have a plan, you will most likely fall off the wagon all together, so feel good about finding a compromise. Will I walk as much as usual over the holidays? Maybe. Maybe not. What counts is that I will walk.

Notepad with torn pages to show that wellness plan has been edited

Don’t forget to adjust your plan

You too will find good compromises to handle tricky situations. You might not get it right the first time around. If you see that you can’t follow through with your plan, don’t blame yourself. Blame your plan. Go back to it and find a more suitable compromise. And always remember: make your goal reachable and enjoyable.

Prepare with me, for free!

If you want to learn one simple & effective method to stay healthy until the end of the year (and after!), just watch my video “Healthy Holiday Workshop”. We will go over the strategy step-by-step and will review over 40 tricks my clients, myself, and other people have already been using successfully when preparing for challenging situations. Not to mention the free resources you will be able to download and an exclusive discount to one of my most popular Wellness Programs. Watch the video now, it will only be live for a limited time.



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To stay healthy, focus!

One great way to stay healthy over the holidays, is to stay focused on what really matters to YOU. Why? Because this season is filled with temptations, invitations, solicitations, all of which lead to more stress, less sleep, and extra food & drink. As you can imagine, those don’t score very well on your health record. Not to mention the fact that because you are so busy, you can’t even find time to think about self-care. So, how can you avoid to lose your mind (and your health) during this stressful and busy time?

Camera lens focusing on target point in landscape

Don’t do things mindlessly

We have already mentioned food in our Healthy Holidays – TIP #1 and drinks in the Healthy Holidays – TIP #3. Now if we want to tackle the holidays in a healthy way this year, we have to be mindful not only of what we put in our body, but of every single thing we do.

Whether it’s sending holiday greeting cards, going to parties, or volunteering for charities, being truly aware of every single “decision” we make will help us be more selective. We will reduce stress, frustration, exhaustion, and even limit accumulating extra pounds.

Concentrate on what/who really matters

I am not saying “do only what you really wanna do”. Let’s be realistic, there are people we want to make happy, good deeds we can’t pass on, and chores we can’t avoid. But if we CHOOSE the things we do, there is a good chance we will eliminate a portion of our season’s load. And no matter how big or small that portion is, it will always help us with stress, sleep, and waistline!

It takes practice to be mindful though. So let’s not wait until the last minute. Let’s reflect NOW on what we usually do during the holidays, and ask ourselves:

  • Do I really want to do this?
  • Why is it important to me?
  • Will I feel better after I have done it or will I feel worse?
  • What will happen if I don’t do it?

Sometimes we do things to please others, to advance our career, to feel accomplished, to avoid guilt, or for the pleasure. Those (and many others) are all very good reasons to do what we do! And no one besides ourselves should be judging our own personal motivations. But when we do things just because we assume we should, or because we have always done it this way, or “just ‘cuz”… that’s when it’s worth pausing for a second, and taking the time to make a mindful decision.

You don’t have to please everybody

Just say no written on tree trunkOne big drive for our actions is wanting to make people happy, especially during the holidays. And that’s commendable; we want to make the world a better place, right? But can we take a second to make sure that what we are about to do will really bring joy around us? Is there maybe another way to spread the love, or another time? What if we say “no” once in a while? Will that make a big difference?

If you find it hard to pick what is and isn’t important to you, ask yourself who the people are who matter the most in your life. Don’t answer “my family, my friends, my loved ones…” Write down their names. Make a list of specific people you care the most about. And those who don’t make it on your list, well, maybe you can see them in January! Do the same for causes, charities, traditions. Come up with a list and stick to it. And if you feel that being selective and prioritizing is a tough thing to do on your own, send me a note ( I can give you some tips and help you through the process.

Cut yourself some slack!

It’s all about being selective and making decisions rather than going with the crazy flow of things. Mindfulness. That’s what it is. And once you have decided that a certain party, a certain food, a certain group of people, or even a certain cause lies toward the bottom of your priority list, stick to your decision and DON’T FEEL GUILTY. You are not Santa Claus! You don’t have a flying reindeer (do you?). You cannot do it all and please them all while caring for your health and happiness. Let go of what doesn’t matter THAT much (even if it’s still important to you) and throw yourself entirely into what/who counts the most. You will be able to make things more special and exceptional, because you won’t be stretched so thin. Try it this year, and let me know how it works for you!

And don’t forget to share this article if you think some of your friends might be overwhelmed too. THAT is not going to add stress to your day, it’s just one click! And it will help others be more selective and less stressed out too. So, here you go, one good deed checked already! 😉

That’s it!

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The ONE thing to do for your health

Holidays are a tough time for our healthy routines. Some of us have a straightforward attitude toward the season, which can be summed up like this: “No way I’ll deprive myself of the delicious holiday goodies. I’ll check back with my body in January and work twice as hard in the new year.”

And I’ll be honest with you, if that’s YOUR line of thinking, I don’t blame you!

The ONE thing you should focus on

Now if you plan on eating all you want until the end of the year and collapse on the couch rather than sweat on your favorite gym’s elliptical, may I still suggest that you try one thing? Just one thing! Do you think you could keep an eye on your drinks? Oh, I hear some of you already: “I don’t drink! I’m off the hook!” Well, actually, I am not just talking alcoholic beverages here. I am talking juices, sugary drinks, enhanced coffee, etc.

Lady drinking coffee during holiday season

Beverages can add so many calories to your diet!

Yep! Keeping an eye on liquids will go a long way toward staying healthy during the holidays. Here is why.

Know what you drink!

Let’s consider that an average person needs about 2200 calories per day. If you take 3 meals per day, that’s about 700 calories per meal, right? Did you know that a medium size eggnog latte has about 450 calories? Same thing for a peppermint mocha! 12 oz of apple juice have about 180 calories, even more than 12 oz of beer.

I am not asking you to track calories during the holidays. Oh no, far from it! But if you know approximately how many calories are in the beverages you consume during the holidays, it might scare you a bit. And you might end up cutting a few. You know, the ones that are actually not THAT DELICIOUS!

Here is the thing with drinks. We have a tendency to wolf them down without really noticing and without getting much pleasure from them. Yet, drink 1 piña colada and 2 sodas tonight and you will swallow the equivalent of a meal calorie wise. Not to mention the effect of alcohol on your system, but that will be material for another article.

Tweak your drinking habits

So here is what I suggest: write down a list of the beverages you usually consume and their approximate calorie content. Here is a list to help you, with average values:

  • 16 oz hot chocolate: 320
  • 7 oz Gin & Tonic: 200
  • 16 oz latte: 190
  • 12 oz apple juice: 180
  • 12 oz lemonade: 170
  • 12 oz beer: 160
  • 8 oz whole milk: 150
  • 12 oz regular cola: 140
  • 5 oz glass of wine: 120
  • 4 oz Martini: 120
  • 12 oz sports drink: 100
  • 12 oz unsweetened iced tea: 2
  • water: 0
  • sparkling water: 0
  • unsweetened tea: 0
  • black coffee: 0

For more, you can go to USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

You can also use the Alcohol calorie calculator from the US Department of Health and Human Services. Very convenient!

Having your own list will help you identify the most “risky” drinks. Next time you are about to drink one or the other from your list, just think twice about it and ask yourself a few questions:

– Do I really want this drink? Will I really enjoy it?

– Could I pick a smaller size and still be satisfied and happy?

– Is this drink worth the calorie content? If yes, could I cut my snack, or maybe skip dessert?

– Can I replace this drink with one that would be healthier and/or “lighter”?

– Can I make this same drink healthier and lighter by using slightly different ingredients?

– Am I drinking this because I am thirsty? If the answer is yes, drink WATER!

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Are there forbidden drinks?

Holiday celebration with two glasses filled with a wine-based cocktailI won’t go into the detail of each type of drink, but I would like to add a word of caution regarding diet sodas. Yes, their calorie content is very low or negligible. BUT! Because they are so sweet, they make you crave sugar, they make you want more, and they don’t quench your thirst. So don’t try to replace all drinks with diet sodas. It might help a bit, but not that much in the long term. Instead, whenever you can, favor the following beverages: water or sparkling water (plain or with a slice of lime or lemon), herbal tea, unsweetened iced or hot tea, black coffee (decaf or not). If you are hesitating between a cocktail and a glass of wine or a beer, your best bet is usually to go for the wine or beer. And stay away from sports drinks, unless your workout is quite intense and lasts an hour or more.

Again, I am not telling you “stop drinking”, “no alcohol!”, “no sodas!”. Although honestly, I am not far from suggesting the latter, sorry! But be aware of their effect on your health and on your weight. Because sometimes, they are not worth it.

Strategies to drink less

I have very specific strategies that my clients have successfully used to reduce their drink consumption in real life situations. I have summed them up in a 25-minute video that you will soon be able to watch. In this webinar, I give you what I believe is, for most people, THE most efficient technique to stay healthy during the holidays. Stay tuned and follow this blog to make sure you get a heads up as soon as the video goes live!

That’s it!

If you want more tips like this before the holidays, you should like my Facebook Page. You can also follow me on Instagram. And if you think this article can be helpful to someone you know, please share! Together, we are healthier 🙂

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