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Cooking Inspiration

Sardine bruschetta on baguette toast

Easy, quick, healthy recipes that you can get ready in record time. All the recipe videos below last 1 minute or less and will help you figure out what to put on the dinner table when you mind goes blank, you have no clue what to make for yourself and your family, and don’t have […]

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Best Treatment for Prediabetes

Metformin and other pills to help treat prediabetes

If you have recently been diagnosed with prediabetes, you might be wondering what is the most efficient way to reverse its course and keep it from developing into Type 2 Diabetes. And if you are reading this blog article, chances are, you have already set your mind on preventing the onset of diabetes 2. I […]

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Do you eat enough protein?

2 toasts with sunny side up eggs

Most people in the US eat enough protein. BUT working one-on-one with more and more busy people who are trying to establish healthier lifestyles, I notice that a lot of women who are trying to eat healthy or lose weight have a tendency to eat too little protein.Indeed, they often reduce their fat intake and […]

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